Next Steps After Signing Up

  • Fill out your Profile to personalize the page your friends will see and sign.

  • Invite friends and family to sign your yearbook using a link to your Personal Page

  • Search the directory for classmate members to sign their yearbooks.

  • Check your Dashboard for invitations and requests.

  • Create, share and save your awesome yearbook pages!


Fill Out Your Profile

Your member Profile  personalizes your experience with your name, school, academic level, and a profile picture that will appear on your invitations, personal signing page, and  custom yearbook pages.

Filling out your profile makes it easy for other members to find you and your yearbook pages too.

If you don't find your school in the drop-down list, you can add it from your profile page using the "Can't find your school?" link. After you submit your school it will appear in the list for you to select.


Send Invitations

Copy the link to your personal signing page from your Profile or Dashboard page. Paste the link and your invitation message to friends, family, teachers, and coaches on text, social media, or email.

Your friends can upload their own picture and their message to you on your signing page, plus they get to see other posts and pictures from you yearbook pages.


Search For Members

You can search for friends who are also members on the Search page. The search defaults to showing all members from your school, but you can easily change that to any school or choose "All" schools. You can search by name too.

When you find someone, click on the Invite or Request link to invite them to sign your yearbook or request to sign theirs.

The messages appear on their dashboard and they get an email notification as well.


Check Your Dashboard

Invitations, Requests, and Yearbook Posts all appear on your Dashboard. You can see those you sent and those you received. If you change your mind or sent a duplicate, you can delete any message.

When you sign a yearbook, it's call a Post. Posts Received is where you see the messages your friends and family wrote in your yearbook. Posts Sent are the messages you wrote on a yearbook.

The Dashboard numbers will change continuously as messages are sent. Requests turn into Invitations, and Invitations turn into Posts.


Create Your Pages

Now for the best part! Check out the great page styles on the Create page. Click on any style to see your Yearbook Posts dynamically transformed into beautiful pages that you can print and save with your yearbook. Click on the sample pages to see the possibilities.

Don't have a yearbook? It doesn't matter; you can still save the pages to capture memories about your time at school.

Want to save a digital copy? Just print to PDF using your computer settings.

Return to the Create page any time to reprint as new messages arrive, or when you would like to see a different style.

Have fun!